Centrifugal Blowers


Our highest quality centrifugal blowers manufacturing with capacity of 120 HP to 500 HP for industrial use like cement plants, steel plants, oil & gas planst, fertilizer & chemical plants. our multi range of centrifugal blowers which are fully developed system with assistance of Thermax Fan Division. which incorporates a US based latest fan technology.

Our centrifugal blowers are begun to acknowledge his genius for their excellent performance as these have been able to deliver high efficiency up to 85% and above. We are also manufacturing customized centrigugal blowers as per specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Our centrifugal blowers at most faverable prices in two configurations Single Inlet Single Width (SISW) and Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) with split casing as an optional feature.

Our centrifugal blowers components using include Fan Housing, Impellers, Inlet and outlet ducts, Drive Shaft, Drive mechanism bearings, couplings, impeller locking device, fan discharge casing & shaft seal plates etc. A centrifugal blower in general can produce higher pressure ratio. The ratio of the discharge pressure over the suction pressure – is used for defining the centrifugal blowers.

Types of drive for centrifugal blowers-
  • Direct drive
  • Belt drive
  • Variable drive

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